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Towhid Hridoy overcomes his “fear of failure” to make rapid development.

‘What is your favorite shot right now?’ Towhid Hridoy, Bangladesh’s latest batting prodigy, was torn between two options before choosing on one. “Pull and cover drive, but I am probably enjoying pulling at the moment,” Hridoy told Cricbuzz on Tuesday (July 18).

The right-handed hitter has every incentive to use the pull shot after launching the counter-attack against Afghanistan in the first T20I by taking on a short ball from Fazalhaq Farooqi. Hridoy and Shamim Hossain scripted a memorable triumph for the hosts, and that knock helped the former dispel any worries about his talents against top-tier bowling.

Hridoy demonstrated his maturity by targeting Azmatullah Omarzai, and it was certainly a brave call on his part to go on top of Fazalhaq, who has been bothering Bangladesh since his international debut against them. Hridoy decided against playing against the Afghanistan spinners because he knew it was a hazardous prospect, but he confessed that if necessary, he would have played against the slow bowlers because he doesn’t play with any preconceived notions against any spinner.

“In this style of game, chasing is critical. I believe that any batter who is able to chase in such a game will gain a lot of confidence because these types of situations don’t happen very often. Every hitter should bat in such scenarios since it would boost their confidence. Such situations may arise in the upcoming sports and major events. “In T20s, matches can go in many different directions and fluctuate a lot, so it’s important for a batter to be able to face these kinds of situations and execute well,” he said.

“Many people claim my runs are coming against spinners. If you go back, I scored more runs against pace in the BPL and even before that. It makes no difference to me whether it’s spin or tempo. What is important is what the situation requires. They have world-class spinners, and dealing with them requires a lot of thought. Rashid Khan, Mujeeb, Nabi, and more excellent bowlers are in the team. T20 is a format in which it is critical to select one or two bowlers from the opposition, which is what everyone does.

“Our strategy, not just for Farooqi or Omarzai, was that it was better to go for their pacers rather than their spinners.” Rashid is their wicket-taking bowler, and he does not concede many runs. It’s about the calculated risks you take in different match conditions. If the situation had demanded that we take on Rashid Khan, we would have tried to do so as well.”

The prevailing belief is that his strong backlift allows him to play his shots since he gets into position quickly, which also helps him use the bowler’s pace. “Actually, I haven’t given it much thought (backlift).” But I’m comfortable with my present setup, and that’s how I’m batting right now. Many hitters have three different types of methods for the three formats. Batter’s come up with minor technical modifications. Some tactical and technical aspects alter from time to time,” said Hridoy, adding that he keeps it consistent across all formats.

Towhid also refuted the assumption that he scores the majority of his runs on one side of the wicket. “You have to play all the way around the wicket,” he said. “It’s not about being able to play only one side.” Many people believe that I just hit via one zone, but that is not the case; I hit it when it is in that zone. I’m also going through the cover. In the first T20I, I also hit through mid-off. It all depends on the circumstances. Every player has a unique approach to playing around the wicket.”

Hridoy also stated that he had overcome his fear of failure, which formerly hampered him. “In any walk of life, whether in your profession or mine, it’s best not to keep fear within yourself when you’re afraid the outcome won’t be good,” he remarked. “What will occur? Perhaps I will perform poorly, the team will lose, or I will be dropped. Nothing else will occur. So, personally, I believe that this is not a game of fear. “You must keep your mind sharp and be courageous, or you will perish,” he added.

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