Cric Advisor is an online platform that provides expert analysis and predictions for cricket matches. The site is designed to help cricket fans and punters make informed decisions when placing bets on cricket games.

The tipster site is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and experienced cricket analysts who use their in-depth understanding of the sport and its players to make accurate predictions. The tipsters on the site study various factors such as player form, team dynamics, and past performance to make their predictions.

The site offers a range of services for cricket fans and punters, including match previews, in-depth analysis, and betting tips. The match previews provide an overview of the two teams playing, including their strengths and weaknesses, recent form, and key players. The in-depth analysis provides a more detailed examination of the match and includes insights on likely scenarios and strategies. 

The betting tips provided on the site are based on the tipsters’ research and analysis and are designed to help users make informed betting decisions. The tips include predictions on the winner of the match, the total number of runs, and the total number of wickets, among others. The site also offers recommendations on the best betting markets and odds to maximize returns.

Cricket match prediction will include the following:

  • Match prediction – our prediction for who will the match
  • Cricket betting tips – our betting recommendations based on the betting odds
  • Toss prediction – we give our thoughts on the toss and how it will affect the match


  • Key player performance – we give an analysis for team’s performance to make you decide easier for betting
  • Winning / Lose rate – the chances of both team
  • Live score – match stats, data, live score

We have specialist for cricket prediction that have written tips for long time. Our aim is to ensure that our visitor pursue the best and justified betting tips prior placing their bet.

Nobody is able to predict 100% of the match precisely. Sometimes our predictor might get it wrong. We suggest you not to bet too much on a single match.

We are updating real time in each match. You can check the latest predictions post every day and at least 24 hours before the match coming.

Cric Advisor provided you easy way fund to your account

  • Log in your account
  • Look for deposit button
  • Fill preferred amount to fund
  • Select desire payment methods
  • Click “OK” then will process your transaction within 1 min
  • Click sign up (fill out the required information)
  • Initial deposit to your account
  • Find the match
  • Place your bet

Cric Advisor accept multiple payment methods including

  • Debit/ Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallet
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency

You don’t need to be an expert to analysis by your own Cric Advisor have provided prediction for you. But having basic knowledge in cricket is advantage for you to bet.

As per online gaming laws in India so it is 100% legal. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in various countries. You can place cricket bets in every match. Just make sure you understand the basic rules and how to play cricket.

You can check your balance in profile if you have sufficient amount, you will able to bet in any team. 

Absolutely!  free of signing up no complicated form to fill out. Easy and             trustable.

Yes, we do provide you more than cricket betting. At the same time, you can check tipster on our site before placing your bet.

Yes, you can sign up more than one site. It is deemed secure to register with multiple trusted cricket betting websites if they are accessible to individuals residing in your country.

Once you have signed up, you become a privileged customer of

Cric-Advisor. If you are ever experienced any troubles, you can always contact live assistant or support team to answer your questions.

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