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Tamim Iqbal ensures that he will heal in time for the World Cup.

Tamim Iqbal, Bangladesh’s opener, is optimistic that he would be ready for the World Cup in India as he continues his rehabilitation program.

Tamim has agreed to complete his back ailment rehabilitation program rather than compete in the next Asia Cup. This decision was made in order for Tamim to be eligible for the three-match One-Day International series against New Zealand scheduled before the World Cup.

Tamim began his net sessions earlier, but full-fledged training is not expected to begin until September 7. The one-day international series versus New Zealand begins in two weeks. “Things are looking up (in terms of rehabilitation progress).” I feel we are performing exactly as planned based on the framework of my strategy. I haven’t complained about the back pain yet, and there hasn’t been any indication of severe discomfort since the injection. So far, I’m delighted with the outcome, and I haven’t grumbled about it. Although there will be some stiffness for one or two days, I am extremely happy, and everyone involved with the program (recovery), including the new rehab manager (Kieron Thoms), national team physio Bayzid, and national team trainer Nick, is pleased with the development. Tamim was quoted on Not Out Noman, a famous VDO-based cricket website, on Sunday (August 27), saying something along the lines of, “If we can move forward well in that case the series that I am targeting I hope (to make myself available).”

“I believe that starting September 7th, I will be able to participate in a full net session with no restrictions such as I cannot do this or that, as you have seen I was facing only throw downs on the first two days and from now on I will be able to use a stick for throw downs.” According to the schedule, there isn’t a single day when we couldn’t do something for whatever reason, with the exception of one day when I had some soreness in my calf.

“It’s important (the five matches before the World Cup – three ODIs against New Zealand and two practice games), but for me, the most important thing is to have proper 10 days of net sessions,” he says. I don’t think the match will be an issue for me because I’ve been playing for so long. Normally, if I can do 10 good net sessions before the first game, I should be fine. It’s great that we’re getting five games, and if I can play three to four games before the major event (World Cup), that’ll be great,” he remarked.

Tamim has admitted that returning to the locker room after everything that has happened recently may be a difficult experience. Tamim shocked the cricketing world when he announced his retirement from international cricket with immediate effect during an emotional news conference on July 6. During the match against Bangladesh, he made his announcement.

He altered his mind, however, after obtaining aid from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Later in life, he made the decision to step down as captain. He did admit the potential existed. “I don’t believe it is entirely my responsibility to deal with it.” It is hard for me to be fully accountable for everything within such a huge cricket board due to the amount of money we spend and the number of people we employ.

“I’d be lying if I said everything was perfect. The first thing that sprang to mind was that I may be angry with someone or someone could be upset with me, and this could happen, but I cannot deny that I am in the situation that I am in today because of cricket. Things were not perfect, and as I previously stated, if someone is upset with me or I am upset with someone, and you are going to such an important tournament and you cannot communicate well or there is some sort of uneasiness, it will eventually have an impact on the team, and I don’t want to be that selfish person, that is the only reason I left captaincy,” he said.

“I never blamed anyone else for what happened, and I always blamed myself.” What has been discussed or not should be kept internal. Unfortunately, a lot of things come out in the media in Bangladesh. Injury was not the primary reason for my resignation, but it was a factor. I also considered resigning because I believed that whoever is in charge, the management, and everyone ought to be on the same floor. “Whether we win or lose, it makes no difference; if we are all on the same page, it is always better for the team,” he remarked.

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